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Hello fellow Airstreamers

When you joined WBAC you should have received your membership badges in your new member welcome packet.  If you did not receive or over time have misplaced them, replacements may be ordered directly from WBAC.  Please contact:

Barb Langston, WBAC Membership Coordinator,


Your personalized replacement badges cost about $6.00 each including postage.

You may have also seen the “aluminum” membership badges that some members have.  We are fortunate that WBAC has authorized these for our optional use.

Our own member, Todd Ingbretsen, designed the badges and they may be ordered for $10.00 each, directly from Todd.  Information regarding ordering may be found in our newsletter or Badge Order Form on the website.

As a DenCo Airstream member, you play an important part in our club.  We appreciate each and every member and look forward to meeting you over the months ahead at a luncheon or rally.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jack Hornbeck,  DenCo Membership Coordinator

757-748-6473 (talk or text)

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